Collection: Sky Island Collection

I’ve named this collection “Sky Island”, as that is the name of the land I’ve been immersed in while creating this whole collection. I am in Southern Arizona, 17 miles from the border of Mexico. This area of Arizona has vast mountain ranges rising suddenly out of the desert lowlands. Prickly pear and ocotillo rapidly give way to oak and pine forest. It’s stunning, full of surprises and incredibly diverse! It's been a complete joy to be creating in this gorgeous land and I've been feed constant inspiration for my designs, directly from the land around me. 
For this collection, all of the pieces are made with Owyhee Landscape Jasper. It has come from the Owyhee Mountain area that borders Oregon and Idaho. It is actually petrified mud! It is incredible how closely the stones resemble the landscape they come from. All of the lines, shapes and colors you see are ALL NATURAL BABY! This batch of stones is particularly stunning in the landscapes they hold.
Thank you for being here- I hope you enjoy!
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