Collection: ReWild Part 1

ReWild is a collection of pieces that each reflects stepping back into a space of wildness. The process starts at the hatching of ideas. I followed my intuitions and allowed space for each piece to emerge as it's own. It was a natural progression. I took the pressure off of creating pieces "I thought people would like" to creating whatever was calling to me in the moment. That is why you may find that although there are threads of cohesion in this collection, there are also quite a few outliers.  
With all the "shoulds" of our society, let us reclaim our innate wildness. Let us give value to our intuitions, to spontaneity, to being awake to the present. Let us skip down a path as it unfolds, uncertain of what comes next, instead of planning our every move. Let us resist the domestication of our wildness that is so normalized in society. 
Phew, okay, that was a little bit of a rant. So, now, please enjoy a few expressions of wildness! I hope you love them!
*Endless Gratitude*
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